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Too many dental bills?

What is worse than going to the dentist?

Answer, going to the dentist and paying the bills.

Spending your morning in a dentist office is never a picnic and shelling out money to cover it definitely doesn’t make it any better. But hey, problems call for solutions and if too many bills are the problem there just might be a solution out there.

Get to know Dental Insurance, low premium plans that offer coverage known as “100-80-50”.

Having Insurance actually encourages a whiter smile. Prevention, which includes two checkups and cleaning, are covered 100%. And as statistics show, every dollar spent on prevention will save you $50 in more complicated procedures.

Basic Procedures like fillings and root canals are covered at 80% and more major procedures like crowns and bridges are covered at 50%.

Dental insurance is not a one size fits all. For all of you out there paying high claims there just might be another option. We’ve got fantastic group dental insurance plans that cover as low as two lives.

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